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Malta’s diverse cuisine

It is believed that one can taste the essence of a country through its cuisine. Once you begin your Malta excursions, instead of dragging yourself to the nearest fastfood joint to satisfy your cravings, steer away from the usual and check out what Maltese cuisine has to offer. A bite of their exquisite cuisine is enough to make your Malta excursions colorful.

Maltese cuisine is a combination of the east and the west. Once you’ve tasted their succulent dishes, you’d come back for more. Here is a list of delicacies that you can check out while you are having your Malta excursions.

On the first leg of your Malta excursions, it would be expected that you’d roam and do a bit of sight-seeing. Of course, you wouldn’t immediately come out of your shell to try out some new stuff. On the first part of your Malta excursions, try tasting a couple of Maltese thirst quenchers.

Imbuljuta -This is like your usual chocolate drink, what makes this drink unique and very Malta is that it contains pureed chestnuts. You can have this beverage hot or cold.

Kinnie - This drink will remind you of Pepsi. Just like most carbonated drinks in the market, Kinnie comes with variety for weight watchers. Other Maltese drinks that are also similar to Kinnie are Swish and Krest. These soft drinks would guaranteed to energize you as you go about your Malta excursions.

Now that you’ve finally tasted a bit of Malta, it’s time to have a deeper appreciation of your Malta excursions by getting to know some of their dishes.

Fenek (Rabbit)-You can try one of their popular dishes like this one. Rabbit meat is widely used in Malta, so this dish is no exception. The rabbit meat is then marinated then simmered in thick tomato sauce or red wine. It is then served with salad or chips or bread. If rabbit is exotic for you, consider this as an experience from your Malta excursions.

Lampuka/Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin) - Aside from the rabbit, the Lampuka (dolphin fish) is also popularly used for Maltese cuisine. Usually poached in red wine seasoned with rosemary, then either lightly-fried or baked. Whatever the process is; what is guaranteed that this dish will surely make anyone’s mouth water!

Klamari Mimili fl-inbid (Stuffed Calamari)- The Calamari is stuffed with a filling made of capers, garlic, breadcrumbs, the other variety has a slice of boiled egg included in the stuffing. The Calamari is then stewed in red wine with sultanas. This dish is then seasoned with nutmeg then served afterwards with boiled potatoes. This dish will definitely make your Malta excursions memorable.

Kannoli (Pastry)-This pastry is usually stuffed with cream or cheese. This fried tube-shaped pastry may remind you of your eclair or cream puffs. You can eat this dessert any time of the day.

So remember try to check out the different delicacies in the list once you start your Malta excursions. Go ahead, and have your fill!