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Why is Malta popular?

Malta tourism is starting to become a sprawling industry, nabbing a market that was previous exclusive to other European countries. European tours are perhaps among the most popular vacation packages in the world, not just for people outside the continent but also for European nationals. This is not surprising at all, although foreigners may think this is odd. Europe, after all, is a vast territory, and different countries offer different sites and attractions. Today, Malta tourism may not be as powerful and popular as tourism in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, or even other Mediterranean countries such as Tuscany. However, Malta tourism is starting to carve its niche in the world of travel.

Malta and, consequently, Malta tourism, is famed for its historic attractions, such as the cathedrals in Valetta, the temples, the forts, and even the capital city itself, Valetta. But Malta tourism is more than just a historic tour. Although the country’s historical backdrop adds an air of elegance, Malta is known for its beaches. Because Malta is a small country, it is not different to find a beachfront. Ghadira Bay is the country’s most popular beach, since is a favorite water sport spot. The Golden bay and the Ghajn Tuffieha are also esteemed beaches. Many find it surprising that night life in Malta is very active—areas such as St. Julian’s is filled with the most eventful establishments in the country.

Malta tourism often highlights the extravagant celebrations or fiestas in the country. These fiesta are not unusual in Catholic countries, an irony considering the Catholic Church does not promote such lavish practices. However, many of the highlights of Malta tourism are celebrations of Catholic feast days. Malta tourism is very evident worldwide during June to August which are the country’s summer months, because of the country’s almost-weekly fiestas, in commemoration of the particular area’s saint feast day (or the day when the saint was named as such by the Catholic Church) or feast days of the Virgin Mary. Another popular celebration, although not as highlighted in Malta tourism programs, is the Nadur Carnival in January. The Nadur Carnival is often described as a spontaneous festival, which caters mostly to locals rather than tourists. But, of course, tourists are welcome in this celebration, and many foreigners prefer the Nadur festival to more synthetic celebrations such as the Carnival month in Valetta during February, which is seem by many as a stint merely for Malta tourism.

Another unexplored aspect of Malta tourism is its medical tourism industry. Medical tourism is now a considerably large industry in this Mediterranean country. Surprisingly, people who go to Malta for medical treatments are from the United Kingdom. Although the United Kingdom has a competent medical facilities and standards, many Britons choose Malta as their medical destination due to the country’s superb medical expertise and considerably lower rates. Treatment in Malta is 70 percent lower compared to treatment in the United Kingdom. It helps that Malta is only a few hours away from many European countries, helping Malta tourism becoming much bigger.