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The splendid beaches of Malta

Beaches are often the most sought-after tourist attractions everywhere in the world. Many obscure countries became popular because of their pristine beaches, often untouched by modernization and extensive tourism. This is why Malta tourism often highlights the beach in Malta, not a surprising move considering the country is a Mediterranean island. Malta is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. Coupled with the famed Mediterranean weather and atmosphere, Malta tourism through promoting beaches is one surefire way to attract visitors.

Many tourists think Malta has very few sandy beaches. Many Malta tourism guides say that the country has more rocky beaches than sandy ones. However, this is not entirely accurate. For one, the way many Malta tourism guides make it appear, it would seem as if the country has very few sandy beaches. But a quick search on the Internet would dispel these rumors. For one, Malta’s largest beach, Ghadira Bay, is a sandy beach. Other popular beaches in Malta are also sandy ones, such as the Paradise Bay, Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, and Gnejna Bay. Of course, many Malta tourism guides got it right when they say Malta’s beaches are great venues for various water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. The beaches of Malta, of course, are also adept for tourists who simply want to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean weather while soaking in the sun’s rays. Of course, any water sports enthusiast would say that rocky beaches are not necessarily useless and bad for tourists, since this type of beach is perfect for diving and snorkeling. The crevices of the rocks in the beaches house many species of underwater creatures, making the experience more breathtaking.

Due to the extensive Malta tourism promotion of beaches, there are various establishments near many esteemed and popular beaches. Because of the country’s size, it is not difficult to find beaches. A tourist staying in Valetta can easily go to Ghadira Bay or Golden Bay, as well as other popular beaches, through the bus, which is easily accessible in the capital city. Those who want to be within the area of the beaches can get accommodation in hotels near these beaches. Paradise Bay has a resort hotel which is said to be really affordable yet efficient for the tourist’s needs. Golden Bay, on the other hand, is popular because of the Radisson Golden Sands, a five-star hotel within the beach. Nonetheless, one need not go to resorts to enjoy the beaches of Malta, since most beaches are accessible through the bus.

However, this Malta tourism popular also has its disadvantage. For one, extensive promotion of the beaches of Malta tourism has made these attractions brimming with people during the summer, especially on weekends. But, of course, the extensiveness of Malta tourism has not affected some of the country’s hidden treasures. For example, a quiet and secluded beach can be found just behind Selmun Palace and across the Ghadira Bay, although one would have to take a few minutes away from these sites since they are inaccessible through public transport. Another beach untouched by Malta tourism is the nudist beach just behind Ghajn Tuffieha.