1 day Sicily - Pozzallo, Mount Etna & Modica Tour

Why not visit beautiful Sicily whilst on holiday in Malta?

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The Catamaran departs from Marsa harbour, therefore unless you have a car to get to/from the port you may want consider pick up and drop off transport.

Pick up and Drop off transport is optional at €13 per person for both ways. This must be booked at the time of booking the tour as it cannot be added after we issued tickets and sent you the Service Voucher. To book optional transfers, select 'Transfers to/from port (per person)' from the BOOK YOUR TOUR panel on the right

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Tour Times & Availability

0630hrs (catamaran departure time)
2115hrs (catamaran return time)

Operates on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday between October 1st and April 30th.

Tour Description

On arrival at the port you will check-in and board the catamaran. The crossing is estimated to take 90 minutes, however this can be slighlty longer on occassions, depending on weather conditions.

Our tours takes the eastern route passing Noto, Syracusa and Catania en route before arriving at Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano.

The drive up the Mount Etna mountain slopes takes us through picturesque villages and an ever changing landscape. The lower slopes of the volcano are extremely fertile with groves of oranges, lemons and other Mediterranean flora and of course vines which produce Sicily's best wines. We go through forests of chestnut trees which gradually give way to oak, beech, birch and pine. During our tour of Mount Etna we visit the Sylvester Craters.

NOTE Our visit of Mount Etna will take you to 2000 metres above sea level, stopping at Silvester Craters. If you would like to visit the peak of the mountain and there is enough time to do this (you must check with your guide first) optional cable car and 4x4 truck/jeep tours are available, cost varies from €30 to €60 per person depending on which option you decide to take.

Our next stop includes a visit to the Baroque city of Modica to enjoy some time in the city centre and the popular "Il Corso". Modica once so important as to constitute a kingdom within the kingdom, is today a prosperous town still dependent on its traditional agricultural economy. The beautiful flight of steps leading to the main entrance and the statues representing the twelve apostles are the main features of S. Pietro's church. The main street or "Corso", with it's mixture of magnificent buildings, modern shops and al fresco cafes.It is a thriving town centre.

You will return back to the catamaran for the return crossing to Malta, arriving at 2100hrs (based on a 90 minute crossing). Transport will be waiting for you to return you back to your hotel.

Catamaran Information
The catamaran is equipped with toilets, a gift shop and a cafeteria serving a good variety of drinks and snacks.

Please note!During the winter months the tour routing may have to be changed due to adverse weather conditions. Whenever possible you will be advised of such changes, however in certain circumstances we may forced to change the tour routing during the actual tour. These situations are beyond our control and enforced onto us by local authorities. The operators of the tour and Malta TravelNet will not under any circumstances be held liable to any refunds or any such type of compensation in the even that this may happen.

Tour Ratings & Reviews

The ratings and reviews that appear below are provided by independent travellers about this tour/attraction and the company that operate it.
Rated by Allan Tomkins on 07/05/2019
Excellent tour as described well timed which gave us a taste of Sicily

Rated by Adele Clare-Campbell on 02/05/2019
Thought 1st stopping point should have been longer than 30 mins and last stopping point should have been much shorter than the two hours we spent.

Rated by Simone Fevre on 02/05/2019
Tour and guide was perfect. Enjoyed the tour

Rated by Isabelle Roblin on 02/05/2019
I woud have liked more time on Mount Etna, and overall, it seems that we spent a lot of time on the bus, so perhaps a shorter destination, closer to Mount Etna, would be better.

Rated by Pat Sheehan on 19/04/2019
Pros. nice comfortable coach, great driver and acceptable tour guide Cons. No meet and greet when the ferry embarked, left to find our own way to the bus some distance away - no signs to it. 6:30 am sailing from Malta, voucher states that check-in must take place 1 hour and 30 minutes before departure. (5am) Arrived back to Malta at 11pm. The 1hr 45 minute sailing time is misleading. Sailing time in very calm seas both ways was just over 2 hours and before we could exit the ferry, was about 2 hours 30 minutes. While the tour was interesting, the lack of organisation leaves a lot to be desired.

Thank you for your review. We value all comments, however would like to correct you on a few points and/or provide an opinion; Just before you arrive at port there is announcement on the PA system advising 'PORT PROCEDURE' which informs how and where to locate coaches for tours. Considering that the only coaches in the coach park are those used for the tours it could not have been that difficult. Considering that the catamaran can carry up to 600 passengers we do believe that being at the terminal 1hr 30mins in advance is reasonable. Sailing time from port to port is 90 to 105 minutes (calculated just like a flight from airport to airport), the calculation is based on 'normal sea conditions'.

Rated by Mr Graham John Ryder on 09/04/2019
This was a lovely day and a good introduction to Sicily. The coach was very comfortable and the guide was excellent. The driver was equally good. The day is long but we knew that in advance, and were well prepared. There was plenty of time to explore and to find nice places to eat. We added in the cable car ride up Mount Etna and it was well worth the extra cost. Pick up was on time and set down was as described. Thank you Discover Malta!

Rated by Andrii Kostiuk on 09/04/2019
Tour was well organised and very interesting!

Rated by Robert Steven Wilson on 09/04/2019
Long day, but everything was perfectly scheduled with great guide, driver and coach making for a very enjoyable tour.

Rated by Carol O'Neill Davis on 08/04/2019
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour despite the inclement weather. We knew that Mount Etna would be in cloud so weren't disappointed when we got there, it's still spectacular. We went up in the cable car and it was snowing up at 2500 mts which was fun! Enjoyed lunch at the cafe and sampling all the delicious produce at the craft shop before going back down in the cable car. Modica is a very scenic town, and very interesting. There's some beautiful architecture in the Old Town area. We enjoyed a lovely dinner before heading back for the bus. The whole trip was good value and very worthwhile.

Rated by NORYATE ABDUL RAHMAN on 26/05/2018

Rated by André Coutinho on 26/05/2018

Rated by Stefan Cochina on 07/02/2018
Very well organize and the guide was very helpful and friendly guy.Impressive trip to Etna Volcano and the city of Modica, meet our expectation!!We recommend to everybody Malta Travelnet!!

Rated by Al-Waleed Al-Battashi on 07/02/2018
not bad.

Rated by Mr Colin Bianco on 07/11/2017
This was a fantastic trip, we went on the catamaran which is quite fast and comfortable, was met by the guide at Ragusa and had an enjoyable trip to Mount Etna and Modica. Guide was very nice and friendly and we got quite a few tasters on our stops which was great. Would recommend definitely just prepare yourself for a long day.

Rated by Assuero Vassallo on 05/05/2017
Everything went well except that the stop before Etna could have been a bit longer. It took all that time to queue to the toilets as there aren't any except in cafes and restaurants!

Rated by james smith on 23/04/2017
The overall tour was excellent, organisation and help prior to booking but i have to say that the guide did make us feel very humiliated when we returned to the bus late, we underestimated the return time from the top of Etna and were late back along with another couple, the guide then proceeded to humiliated us over the microphone, not even asking for an explanation of our lateness, however this did not dampen the rest of our day and we enjoyed the remainder of the tour.

Rated by Brian White on 18/04/2017
An excellent guide who was very helpful during the tour

Rated by Bede Kim on 24/02/2017
Well organized tour. Etna was good but Modica was more interesting to me personally. Thanks!

Rated by Lluís Maria Calderó Cabré on 08/01/2017
The organization of the tour was fine, everything was on the scheduled time, perhaps we would suggest to have one bus stop long before reaching Nicolossi, to have breakfast, taking in account that we woke up as early of 5 in the morning.

Rated by Jan Urbaniak on 02/01/2017
Nice tour, just to get the proof of Sicily, but we spent too much time inne the bus. That was quite annoying...

We understand your point, however you must have known that a considerable time is spent on the bus because Sicily is a very large island. It is for this reason that the guiding is done enroute so when you get to the sites you have maximum free time to enjoy.

Rated by Tuomo Riekkinen on 01/11/2016
Very nice trip but scedule was too busy in Etna. No time to eat propely and also siesta time in Italy close the restaurants in Modica.

Rated by David Clerihew on 07/05/2016
I enjoyed the whole experience of Mount Etna, but I felt that to be left on our own for two hours was unnecessary and a waste of valuable time. Not much to do unless you pay an extra 30 euros to go up on the cable ride. The visit to Modica was worthwhile, but once again we were left for two hours. I noticed another group of tourists being shown round the town by their guide - surely something to consider in the future. Our guide delivered us to a chocolate shop, but failed to tell us that there was a museum of chocolate in the town - free to visit and a history of chocolate making to boot Sicily is such a beautiful island and I feel that much more could be made of the time available which would paint a much better picture of the island - less time at Mount Etna, and a slower journey through some of the towns to sample the unique buildings and quality of Sicilian life.

Rated by RHEA TUMMON on 07/05/2016
Excellent day, well organised

Rated by Marsha Campaniello on 05/05/2016
Disappointed that the first village shop was to quickly direct us to one specific vendor off in a park who charged more for the same items than the vendors set up in the village green where there was entertainment. And then to not have enough time to really visit those other vendors. Also disappointed that one had to pay an additional 30 Euros to take a cable car up to the actual volcano on Etna. And, although impressed that the Italian tour guide could speak English and German fluently, he spoke so fast and somewhat muffled that he was hard to understand. On the other hand, the 200 mile tour through Sicily was enjoyable in order to get a glimpse of the island, and the town of Modica was very charming. Again we were herded to one chocolate shop whose prices were higher than competitors, but we at least had time to "shop around" and venture more on our own.

Thank you for your comments. I would however like to point out a couple of things that have nothing to do with tour that you booked. Tourist traps can be found all over the world and Sicily is no exception, at the end of the day it is your choice if you want to purchase from such places. With regards to the additional cable car that you decided to do, that is something optional which you choose, it does not form part of the tour. In fact you are lucky that you had the time to go all the way to the peak of the mountain...well done to the guide for making this possible! The description on the website is very clear that you visit Sivestre Craters on Mount Etna it does not state that you visit the peak of the mountain. There is plenty to see and do at these craters, so going higher up the mountain is down to the individuals choice.

Rated by Kim Wakeford on 20/04/2016
Loved every minute of the tour! We had a wonderful bus driver and an excellent guide. The coach was clean and comfortable. I learned a great deal about the produce grown in Sicily. The trip to Mount Etna was awe inspiring! I very much enjoyed the stops in such quaint, historic towns.

Rated by Malcolm Mills on 15/04/2016
Long day but comfortable bus, good guide and plenty of time at each stop. Most enjoyable

Rated by John W Zaiser on 21/03/2016
Very satisfied. Good day trip. Saw a lot and enjoyed the ride. The ferry across was great. Malta Travelnet's services were excellent!



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