1 day Sicily - Pozzallo, Mount Etna & Taormina Tour

Visit two of Sicily's most popular attractions, Etna & Taormina

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Tour Details

The Catamaran departs from Marsa harbour, therefore unless you have a car to get to/from the port you may want consider pick up and drop off transport.

Pick up and Drop off transport is optional at €13 per person for both ways. This must be booked at the time of booking the tour as it cannot be added after we issued tickets and sent you the Service Voucher. To book optional transfers, select 'Transfers to/from port (per person)' from the BOOK YOUR TOUR panel on the right

Transport will pick up from most hotels and central pick up points, such as banks, churches and other prominent places along the pick up route. Transport does not pick up from private residences, but we will allocate the closest pick up point. For more information about pick up points send us your enquiry to info@maltatravelnet.com
This is a complusory charge and is already included in the tour price.
Licensed Tour Guide
Passport or ID required.

Each passenger must provide passport information/ID details during the booking process.
Optional entrance fee into the Greek Theatre, paid direct

Tour Times & Availability

0630hrs (catamaran departure time)
2315hrs (catamaran return time)

Operates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from May 1st to September 30th


Tour Description

On arrival at the port you will check-in and board the catamaran. The crossing is estimated to take 90 minutes, however this can be slightly longer on occasions, depending on weather conditions. The Catamaran is equipped with restrooms, a very good cafeteria serving a variety of hot or cold snacks/beverages and a small boutique/gift shop.

On arrival in Pozzallo you will be directed to your tour coach for the start of your Sicily tour. Our tour takes the eastern route before arriving at the first stop which is Taormina.

Taormina is a peaceful small medieval town, built on a mountain side and located 206m above sea level. Here you will have free time to enjoy the quaint streets lined with curiosity shops, boutiques and local tavernas. The Greek Theatre is also worth visiting even if it just to enjoy the views from the unique location. You will also have ample time for lunch before we depart (lunch is not included).

The tour then departs for Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna.

The drive up the Mount Etna mountain slopes takes us through picturesque villages and an ever changing landscape. The lower slopes of the volcano are extremely fertile with groves of oranges, lemons and other Mediterranean flora and of course vines which produce Sicily's best wines. We go through forests of chestnut trees which gradually give way to oak, beech, birch and pine. During our tour of Mount Etna we visit the Sylvester Craters.

NOTE Our visit of Mount Etna will take you to 2000 metres above sea level, stopping at Silvester Craters. If you would like to visit the peak of the mountain and there is enough time to do this (you must check with your guide first) optional cable car and 4x4 truck/jeep tours are available, cost varies from €30 to €60 per person depending on which option you decide to take.

We return back to the port to board the Catamaran for our return to Malta which is scheduled at 2130hrs.

If you have booked transport from the port it will be waiting for you on arrival in Malta to return you back to your hotel/drop off point.

Tour Ratings & Reviews

The ratings and reviews that appear below are provided by independent travellers about this tour/attraction and the company that operate it.
Rated by Schvartz Viliam Eugen on 17/05/2019
Ferry OK, guide OK, bus & driver OK !

Rated by Caitlin Norbury on 16/05/2019
Enjoyable, could spend longer in Taormina but I understand it is difficult to squeeze it all in and different individuals will have different preferences on how to spend time. My biggest complaint is the bus driver Ivan in Malta that took us to the port. I have not complained to a company before but I found him to be exceptionally rude and ignorant. He spoke down at me unnecessarily when I asked for clarification and did not treat attempt to be friendly at all. I understand it is early in the morning and late at night so one may not be sociable but when spoken to with a sincere question, he should be respectful at minimum. I had a very bad experience when he picked me up and found him to be again rude at night. I suggest a personality like this should not be in customer service..... I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt that he was having a bad day but somehow I do no think so. Thanks

Thank you for your comments. Ivan was having a bad day, nevertheless he should not have been rude..you are right.

Rated by Raymond Caruana on 05/06/2018
Very enjoyable day. All went smoothly. Mount Etna was awesome a & Taormina was so colourfull and full of scenic sites.

Rated by GIRIP ALINA VIORICA on 27/05/2018
The holiday was extraordinary for us. We never forget. Thank you.

Rated by mr vytautas kasakaitis on 26/05/2018
Lovely tour, will recomend to my friends

Rated by Mrs Sara Louise Kutsi on 07/10/2017
Great day !!! Picked up from hotel promptly and tour rep was very helpful and informative 😀

Rated by Maris Valentin on 07/10/2017
Was very,very nice..,only issue was the rough sea at departure from Malta,but after was great! Thank you so much for a nice day trip!! Kind regards from Transylvania. Val Maris.

Rated by Pål Magnus Gunnestad on 29/09/2017
Great tour all in all, only thing worth mentioning, is that I wish we had more time in taormina

Rated by Shikma Morag on 29/09/2017
The tour was fantastic ! Taormina was amazing and the tour guide was great and spoke fantastic English.

Rated by Miss Jayne Murphy on 29/09/2017
It was a birthday to remember!! The tour guide was very informative and very pleasant, shame the staff aboard the catamaran weren't as friendly but i didn't let that spoil my day. Taormina was pretty but again the people i encountered working in the shops not so pleasant but you just look passed that. For me mount Etna was the highlight and I would have preferred to have spent the whole day there but unfortunately I couldn't find a tour that did just this from malta. This was just a personal preference though so not taking anything from Taormina. It is a very very long day but so worth it. Thank you malta travelnet for making my birthday special.

Rated by Malcolm Thomas Profit on 24/09/2017
Great trip out guide and driver were brilliant gave great commentary well worth the cost

Rated by David Formas on 12/09/2017
Enjoyed the trip. Was a long day but well worth it. A bit disappointing at the very end when the Catamaran arrived back in Malta and would not let the passengers off for 20 minutes after going quayside. Can appreciate the delays due to other vessels departing or arriving but once the ship has come alongside the passengers should be able to depart before all the cars are offloaded from the ferry! This was not an issue when we arrived in Sicily.

Rated by Richard Durrance on 11/09/2017
Very professional well organised

Rated by Ilian Iliev on 31/08/2017
Great tour! we loved it!

Rated by JULIAN GRIXTI on 31/08/2017
Enjoyed it very much,tour guide explained everything and the places we passed through,weather was excellent.

Rated by Peter Pace on 31/08/2017
Very well organized, wonderful trip.

Rated by Ingrid Berezovschi on 23/08/2017
This trip was the best part of my Maltese trip. The stay in Taormina,in my opinion,is either too long for visiting(there aren't a lot of things to visit), or too short for going down the hill to the beach(which is amazing). But overall, this trip is the best thing you could choose to take especially if you stay for more than 3 days in Malta.

Rated by gabriela georgieva on 09/08/2017
Great tour!

Rated by Snjezana Cerjan on 07/08/2017
I think it would be better for that money that wolud be included the lunch. And...30€ for going up the hill to Etna is too much, because, you can see nothing that you couldn't see down hill.

Thank you for your review, however you only mentioned two things which do not form part of the tour? We do offer a tour to Sicily which includes lunch, you did not book this tour! And the cable car trip further up Etna is an optional extra as mentioned on our website, so it was your choice to do it. What about the actual you booked, how was that?

Rated by Steve Lovell on 02/08/2017
Really enjoyable. Taormina was beautiful and Etna was very impressive. I couldn't fault anything.

Rated by Mary Richards on 29/07/2017
While it was a very long day for us we really enjoyed the tour. Our tour leader was great and very knowledgeable. Would be happy to recommend it to anyone.

Rated by Brian Cutajar on 09/07/2017
It was a great day thanks

Rated by Stuart Bell on 04/07/2017
was a LONG DAY but we enjoyed most of it, if i had to put a down side on it ,that would be the cost of the trip up mt etna , at over 120 euros per couple- it was robbery, then the cable car 60 euros to no where ? apart from the length of the day i would recommend the trip if you have not been to Sicily,

Thank you for your comments. To make it very clear about your comment "would be the cost of the trip up mt etna , at over 120 euros per couple- it was robbery", that is something optional which you decided to do. You where already up Mount Etna, you paid that amount because you wanted to visit the absolute PEAK of the mountain with cable car and then 4X4 vehcicles which are accompanied by mountain guides...this is another tour. Obviously it is a long day which you rightly put it, Sicily is after all the largest island in the Med...and also the most spectacular!

Rated by Paula farnworth on 28/06/2017
Very good and very informative tour enjoyed all aspects .guide very knowledgable and lots of information would highly recommend

Rated by Zivile Kaubriene on 26/06/2017
We enjoyed this tour so much! Never saw more beautiful places then Taormina village! Etna was also stunning! Trip was long but very enjoyable! Visited local craft shops where bought lots of local wine, jams, olives tasted delicious food. The tout cost quite a lot but worth every penny! Thank you!

Rated by Eric Owen Lloyd on 20/06/2017
Excellent trip would recommend.

Rated by Marie Ducharme on 18/06/2017
It left me wanting more.

Rated by Daisy Cristobal on 08/06/2017
Excellent, and i want to go back at Mt Etna😍😍😍, we enjoyed the tour...

Rated by Neil Radke on 26/05/2017
Nice tour, a little long , but when booking and reading other reviews one should have expected this. Worth it unless you are planning a longer stay, however for a one day event top notch

Rated by Maria Borg Bonaci on 19/05/2017
It was an amazing experience! Really fun and great tourguide and driver :)

Rated by Sandra Garoza on 16/10/2016
Trip to Sicily was fantastic. Russian guide was very excellent, we got a lot of interesting information and we spent a wonderful time.

Rated by Michael John Attwater on 04/10/2016
Everything was good except that day it rained all day. Would have been better to have spent more time in Taormina than go to Mount Etna, where we could see nothing. Also I think some food should be included in the price. Apart from that it was a great day out - just a shame about the weather, which I know is not your fault.

Rated by Kathleen Ryan on 28/09/2016
It was awful. The day was far too long and it need not have been if we did not have to spend so much (three or more hours) in Taormina, that was a complete waste of time, as 45 mins would have been ample. The guide that we had mumbled his way through a boring, hard to hear speech about Sicily and made no attempt at humour or making it interesting. It was learned off pat which did not encourage anyone to bother listening to him. However, the trip up Mount Etna was well worth the time and extremely interesting. I was not collected at my hotel like everyone else, so had to make my own way to the ferry at 4.30am being ripped off by the taxi driver and then I had to persuade the bus driver collecting other passengers at the end of the trip to drop me back at the hotel at around midnight.

The itinerary includes free time at both Taormina and Etna. I can understand that if you do not like to view stunning views, ancient sites such as the Greek Theatre, cathedral and monestary. The quaint alleys lined with curiosity shops..and not to forget the fabulous eateries available - Taormina would have been a big disappointment anybody that does not enjoy these things. You where not pick up because you did not book transfers, these can be booked (and paid for) at the time of booking the tour...like all other passengers do. With regards to the guide. Unfortunately he is from Sicily and maybe sometimes an Italian speaking English is not quite as clear as an English person speaking English. But he was the same guide that took you to Taormina and Mount Etna, yet you found the Etna visit EXTREMELY INTERESTING???

Rated by Carol Brooks on 06/09/2016
Fantastic value, slick management, they did everything they promised, amazing trip that works well with staying in Malta. Set Meal advice at the restaurant was good value compared with the other restaurants. Pleased we took this safer option.

Rated by Adam R Galloway on 30/08/2016
long long day (pick up 5.15, arrived home 23.45) but inevitable considering the distances travelled, and worth it

Rated by Mark Stephen Attfield on 25/07/2016
The tour was very long and involved a lot of travelling but going up Mt Etna was worth it. You do have to budget for cable car ride - 30 euros (on top of tour cost) and if you want to go even further up mountain some more money for off-road bus which I didn't take. Taormina was very picturesque and nice stop off on way to Mt Etna.

Rated by Alicia Wright on 24/07/2016
Was a lovely tour.

Rated by Bianca Maletta on 24/07/2016
Our tour guide was a bit monotone. We didn't get as much time in Taromina due to traffic. Orher than that this was a great taste of Sicily. I can't wait to go back

Rated by Andrew Hicks on 24/07/2016
Very long day but a very enjoyable

Rated by Kevin worsfold on 20/07/2016
Well planned, but no assigned bus, number 34 at end of tour when arriving back in Malta. Was very confusing as to which bus to take us back to the hotel.

Rated by Portia Vincent - Kirby on 19/07/2016
very good tour and well organised, plus sicily is very beautiful !! however it would have been nice to know before hand that you have to pay an extra 30 or 60 euros to go up mt. etna / i missed out because of this.

Thank you for your review. I would like to point out that you where already on Mount Etna at Silvestri Craters which are at 2000 metres above sea level. In your review you are referring to the option to go to the very PEAK which involves a long cable car ride and a 4x4 truck ride plus a trek...this takes an additional 2 to 3 hours to complete. I must point out that this is not always possible for two main reasons 1. There has to be enough time available to do this option, 2. The weather must be suitable as not to delay this option. As we cannot always guarantee these two very important issues, it would irresponsible if we advertised this option. We will however consider including this information in our standard tour description.

Rated by Tomasz Targosz on 10/07/2016
Great trip ! Thanks

Rated by frank somerville on 04/07/2016
Very good from booking to the trip everything was great, and the bus tour was fantastic with good guide and time to do lots including going up to the top of mount etna, my lady friend who was with me from the usa loved it, would use this company again. many thanks

Rated by Philip Neufeld on 24/06/2016
The tour staff were very friendly. Shuttle bus to the ferry arrived right on time. My wife uses a wheelchair and the bus and ferry staff were very helpful. The bus tour in Sicily was good. Tour guide and bus driver were helpful. The stop on Mount Etna was a bit long for people who did not want to take the cable car to the summit. Restaurant and washroom facilities were not the best. One washroom was closed and the other at the Terrazzo dell'Etna restaurant was the worst we've encountered and they asked for a 50 cent contribution "to ensure good service." (However, this was not Malta Travelnet's fault.) A good tour, but a very long day.

Rated by Malgorzata Malinowska on 17/05/2016
Enta nice. Worth of it, but taormina waste of time. All the nice places you can see only from the coach. And they will give you free time in the town centre full of tourist.



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